The Charity Aid Foundation have released their annual World Giving Index, naming the world’s most generous countries of 2016.

This year Myanmar has officially been ranked the most generous country in the world, speaking to the nation’s strong Buddhist traditions. As for Europe the UK came out on top, whereas Kenya was revealed to be the most generous in Africa, Guatemala claimed the title in Latin America and the UAE was rated as most generous in the Middle East.

Factors such as financial donations, kindness to strangers and volunteering are all taken into account, but CAF admits there is room for error as research is based solely on roughly 1,000 respondents from each of the 140 countries polled.

Perhaps most notably the people of Iraq have been rated the kindest to strangers, with Libyans coming in at a close second. According to the index at least eight in ten Iraqis have helped a total stranger in the last month alone – validating so many travellers’ tales of the boundless kindness and sincere hospitality within these heartbreakingly war-torn nations.

Check out the World Giving Index 2016 top ten most generous countries list below.

10. United Arab Emirates


Image via Pixabay/CC0

9. Ireland


Image via Pixabay/CC0

8. United Kingdom


Image via Pixabay/CC0

7. Indonesia

indonesia volcano-300345_1920

Image via Pixabay/CC0

6. Canada

Canada landscape-1744370_1280

Image via Pixabay/CC0

5. Sri Lanka

sri lanka shopkeeper-289772_1920

Image via Pixabay/CC0

4. New Zealand


Image via Pixabay/CC0

3. Australia

australia twelve-apostles-587818_1920

Image via Pixabay/CC0

2. United States


Image via Pixabay/CC0

1. Myanmar

myanmar burma-635416_1920

Image via Pixabay/CC0

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