There's something fascinating about doorways. Whether it's the idea of the unknown, the promise of a warm welcome, or simply the frame for a perfect view, something makes us feel compelled to photograph them again and again. From the mesmerizing arches of the Mezquita in Córdoba to ornately carved frames in Tibet, here are 20 of our favourite shots from the Rough Guides archive.

1.Dar el Makhzen, Fez el JedidMorocco

Morocco, Fez el Jedid, Dar el-Makhzen (Royal Palace)

2. Colourful temple doorway at Jogyesa Temple, Seoul, South Korea

Jogyesa Temple, Jongno, Seoul, Korea

3. A blue doorway on a cobbled street in Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

Tunisia, Sidi Bou Said, blue doorwa

4. A painted doorway in Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia, colourful painted doorwa

5. A highly decorated chapel in Gyantse, Tibet

China, Tibet, Gyantse, highly decorated doorway

6. An Art Nouveau doorway in Brussels, Belgium

Belgium, Brussels, Art Nouveau doorway

7. A girl entering house in Stone Town, Zanzibar

Africa, Zanzibar, Stone Town, doorway

8. Entrance to Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand, Bangkok, Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha)

9. An elegant doorway in partly ruined house, Venice, Italy

Venetian doorway, Italy, Venice

10. A carved wooden doorway in Mombasa, Kenya

Kenya, Mombasa, Old Town, carved wooden doorway

11. A door in the old town of Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany

Germany, Brandenburg, door in the old town

12. Frescoes on the facade of St Michael's church in Riva Valdobbia, Italy

Italy, Piemonte, Riva Valdobbia, St Michael's church with frescoes

 13. A watchful cat in Brittany, France

France, Brittany, Finistere, Locronan, cat sitting on doorstep

14. Mosque entrance in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Gazi Husrev Bey's Mosque

15. An ornate doorway in the Alcobaca Monastery, Portugal

Portugal, Alcobaca, Alcobaca Monastery, ornate doorway

16. A church doorway in Istanbul, Turkey

Asia, Turkey, Istanbul, Church of SS Peter and Paul

17. A traditional Swahili door in Pangani, Tanzania

Tanzania, Pangani, traditional Swahili door

18. The Gate of Forgiveness in the Mezquita, Córdoba, Spain

Spain, Andalucia, Córdoba, Mezquita

19. Kilpeck Church doorway in Herefordshire, England

England, Herefordshire, Kilpeck, Kilpeck Church, church doorway

20. A thatched mud hut in Gujarat, India

India, Gujarat, Kutch, Thatched mud hut, doorway decoration

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