Detroit has been much maligned over the last decade. The largest US city ever to file for bankruptcy, in the summer of 2013, it became the poster child for urban blight.

As industry moved out, photographers moved in, fed by an online fascination with “ruin porn”. Hundreds came to see the beauty of Detroit’s crumbling buildings and deserted roads, capturing the world’s attention while perpetuating an image that the city – and many of its residents – actually wanted to shake.

These almost eerie images have an undeniable appeal, but they will only ever represent one part of a city that has many roses among its thorns. Now, it seems like the tide is turning. Detroit’s future is starting to look brighter, and the press have begun to herald the Motor City’s rebound from the rubble.

Joerg Daiber’s tilt-shift timelapse, our video pick of the week, perfectly encapsulates this optimism, moving from “Detroit's beautiful decay” to “the amazing city beyond it”.