Each year, UNESCO adds a slew of new sites to its World Heritage List, which this year included a cave complex and an entire archipelago. But there's another list that's far less talked about. Its contents don't feature on travellers' bucket lists and there's little coverage in the media when it's updated. Yet it's just as – if not more – important than its counterpart.

The UNESCO Intangible Heritage List is an inventory of some of the world's greatest traditions and traditional practices, from copper craftsmanship in Azerbaijan to the summer solstice festivals in the Pyrenees. We reported on last year's newest inscriptions, and last week the 2016 list was updated.

Here are this year's new additions:

1. Bisalhães black pottery manufacturing process, Portugal
2. Chapei Dang Veng (a two-stringed guitar), Cambodia
3. Cossack’s songs of Dnipropetrovsk in Ukraine
4. Ma'di bowl lyre music and dance in Uganda
5. Almezmar, drumming and dancing with sticks, Saudi Arabia
6. Argungu international fishing and cultural festival, Nigeria
7. Beer culture in Belgium

Belgian beer, Musee Gueuze beer in glasses

8. Bhojpuri folk songs in Mauritius
9. The Carnival of El Callao, a festive representation of a memory and cultural identity in Venezuela
10. The Carnival of Granville, France
11. Charrería – an equestrian tradition in Mexico
12. The culture of Jeju Haenyeo (women divers), South Korea
13. Falconry across the Middle East, Europe and parts of Central Asia
14. Flatbread making and sharing culture in Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey

Lavash, IranImage by Bastian on Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

15. The Gada system, an indigenous democratic socio-political system of the Oromo, Ethiopia
16. The idea and practice of organizing shared interests in cooperatives in Germany
17. The Khidr Elias feast and its vows, Iraq
18. Kuresi wrestling in Kazakhstan
19. Living culture of the three writing systems of the Georgian alphabet
20. The New Year celebration of Mangal Shobhajatra in Bangladesh
21. Momoeria, a New Year celebration in eight villages of the Kozani area, Greece

Pahela Baishakh in BangladeshImage by aapon on Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

22. Music and dance of the merengue in the Dominican Republic
23. The celebration of Nowruz across the Middle East and Asia
24. Oshi Palav, a traditional meal and its social and cultural contexts in Tajikistan
25. Palov (rice) culture and tradition in Uzbekistan
26. Practices related to the Việt beliefs in the Mother Goddesses of Three Realms, Vietnam
27. Puppetry in Slovakia and Czechia (the Czech Republic)
28. Rumba in Cuba

The Rumba. CubaImage by Amy Goodman on Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

29. The Škofja Loka Passion Play, Slovenia
30. Tahteeb, a stick game in Egypt
31. The Twenty-Four Solar Terms – the knowledge of time and practices developed in China through observation of the sun’s annual motion
32. Traditional craftsmanship of Çini-making, Turkey
33. Traditional wall-carpet craftsmanship in Romania and the Republic of Moldova
34. Valencia's Fallas festivities, Spain
35. Winegrowers’ Festival in Vevey, Switzerland
36. Yama, Hoko and Yatai float festivals in Japan
37. Yoga in India