Empty buildings, decrepit houses and economic decline – the newly-bankrupt Detroit has been hit by a barrage of bad press of late. The Guardian, Time and others have all run (admittedly fascinating) "ruin porn" galleries of the city's fall from grace.

We thought we’d show you some of the more beautiful sights of Detroit instead, as a reminder that this great US city does have a few roses among the thorns.

Eastern Market

Each week up to 40,000 people flock to this over-100-year-old public market. It is a colourful display of fruit, vegetables, flowers and locally produced goods set in a wonderful red-brick building.

Eastern Market, Detroit, USA

Belle Isle Park

This 982 acre island park, situated on the Detroit River, has a beautiful nature centre, where visitors can stroll wooded trails and see wildlife in its natural habitat.

Belle Isle Park, Detroit, USA

Detroit River

The ecological and economical importance of this 28-mile-long river means vast restoration efforts took place after the waters became toxic, and now it is home to a variety of wildlife and used for recreational activities.

Detroit River, USA

Detroit Riverwalk ­

Not just a pleasant walk along the river, this path is home to plenty of summer fun and festivals, from yoga to a reading and rhythm program.

Riverwalk, Riverdays Festival, Detroit, USA

Detroit Zoo

More than 3300 animals and 280 species reside in this 125-acre zoo made up of various naturalistic habitats. Major exhibits include the Arctic Ring of Life and the Butterfly Garden.

Tigers, Detroit Zoo, Detroit, USA

Campus Martius Park

This is the commercial centre and heart of downtown Detroit and has a 2.5 acre public square that acts as a year-round entertainment venue, hosting everything from music festivals to movie nights.

Campus Martius Park, Detroit, USA

Detroit Institute of Arts

Beauty can always be found in the arts, so the Detroit Institute of Arts is a good bet for some stunning creations. With over 100 galleries, 60,000 works and a 1,150-seat auditorium there’s bound to be something please they eye (or ears).

Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, USA

Guardian Building ­

Inside and out, this building is the Detroit definition of Art Deco. Standing out in the city among tall white concrete office blocks, this one has a distinct design, elaborate murals and dramatic interior architecture.

Guardian Building interior, Detroit, USA

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