Dubai is a city like no other on Earth. More than 400 skyscrapers have appeared here in under two decades, including the world's tallest building, and over 13 million tourists visit each year. It's a place that defies comprehension.

Even when faced with the stats, it's hard to take in the magnitude of this world-record-breaking metropolis. To really appreciate Dubai's extravagance, you have to see it.

Luckily for those of us not able to hop on a flight, Vimeo user Oliver KMIA has captured the city's mind-boggling size in a two-minute film.

His astonishing footage shows in Dubai from above, tracking down Sheikh Zayed Road road, panning up the Burj Khalifa and zooming out over the endless construction sites (25 percent of the world's cranes were once in action here).

Whatever you think about this futuristic city's excesses, it's hard not be awed by its scale.

Dubai - 4K from Oliver KMIA on Vimeo.