Drone footage has hit the news for all the wrong reasons recently, but this clip shows how incredible the results can be when it's done right. Amateur film-makers, this is is the one video you need to see.

Max Seigal’s pin-sharp mini-film takes you round the world in two minutes. Starting in Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay, the soaring footage crams in New York City, Greece, Croatia, Switzerland, California, Colorado and more before coming to a close in Japan.

Look out for the incredible flight through a bird colony at 00:33, mountain bikers riding Utah's burnt orange rocks at 00:57, the base jumper at 01:10 and the fisherman swinging their nets in Vietnam at 01:29.

There are still plenty of gaps in this world tour, but even so, this distance-defying film is our pick of the week.

Around the World in Two Minutes from Max Seigal on Vimeo.