According to research published this week, drones are the new must-have travel gadget. Online retailer claim that nearly 400,000 Brits alone are set to pack a drone on their summer trip.

The news comes as little surprise to those who’ve been following the drone revolution over the past year. Their popularity has been gathering pace for a while, with the launch of futuristic throw-and-shoot cameras such Lily and the slew of astonishing, distance-defying travel footage flooding onto YouTube and Vimeo.

Yet while filmmakers have jumped at the opportunity to take advantage of drone technology, others are more concerned. Near-misses with planes and privacy issues are just the start of the negative headlines.

Last year, 61% of you voted that selfie sticks should be banned at major attractions. Are drones the gadget we’ve all been waiting for or are they more trouble than they’re worth?