Slovakia borders with Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Ukraine. It's home to a diverse population scattered across mountains, lakes, forests and the Danube basin. Earlier this year, Tatra Photography built three wooden wildlife hides in Slovakia’s Tatra Mountains, providing visitors with the unique opportunity to capture close-up images of wild brown bears in their natural habitat. Having snapped photos of a 350kg brown bear shortly after, they share some of their best pictures of Slovakia with us.

Bear hide, Cierny Váh

Bear Hide Tatras

One of around 800 bears in Slovakia

High Res wild brown bears slovakia

A lake in Tatranská Štrba

Tatranska Strba

Štrbské pleso

Strbske Lake - moody

View of the High Tatras from Malý Slavkov


Kopské sedlo at 1750m above sea level

Peaks & Valleys

Tatranská Štrba lake

Morning Light

Troye Lake

Troye Lake

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