Iceland‘s landscapes look different from every angle and at every time of day. Whether it’s a late-morning sunrise in the middle of winter, or the aurora borealis dancing in the skies above a glassy lake, the country produces vistas that make even the most travel-weary adventurers say “wow”. The climate can be challenging, but the rewards are plenty – as these photographers from Picfair found out on their Icelandic expeditions. Here are 21 pictures of Iceland that will wow you, too.

Sunset over a glacier

Sunset in IcelandIceland Sunset by Martyn Day / Picfair

Lóndrangar cliffs, western Iceland

A windy day at Londrangar cliffs, Iceland.
Windy Swirls by Dominique Dubied / Picfair

The Strokkur geyser, part of the Golden Circle

‘Tourists look on as the amazing Strokkur geyser erupts in front of them in Iceland.’Strokkur From a Distance by Emma Sinnett / Picfair

Reykjavik taken from the tower of the Hallgrímskirkja church

‘Reykjavik taken from Hallgrimskirkja.’Reykjavik by John Metcalfe / Picfair

The northern lights over the church in Glymur

‘Northern lights over one of the many churches in Iceland.’Glymur Church – Iceland by Noel Coates / Picfair

Morning at Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall, Grundarfjörður

‘A wonderful morning at Kirkjufellfoss in Iceland.’Good morning, Iceland! by Michael Schwarzmüller / Picfair

Boats in the harbour at Siglufjörður

‘Boat parking at the jetty of the town in Siglufjorour, northern Iceland.’Boat parking at the jetty of Siglufjorour by Jordan Lye / Picfair

The Northern Lights over Grundarfjörður

‘An aurora (northern lights) over the small Icelandic village of Grundarfjörður.’Aurora over Grundarfjörður by James Woodend / Picfair

A windswept Icelandic horse

‘Icelandic Horse (Equus ferus caballus) closeup, staring at camera.’Icelandic Horse (Equus ferus caballus) closeup by Stuart Gray / Picfair

Harpa, the Reykjavík Opera House

‘Harpa, the Reykjavic Opera House.’Harpa by Neil Cherry / Picfair

Kayaking on a glacier lagoon

‘Just sailing on his kayak at the glacier lagoon in Iceland. Beautiful sunset and the scenery is quite serene and peaceful.’Chillin on the ice lagoon by Jórunn Sjöfn Guðlaugsdóttir / Picfair

Inside Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier

‘Standing in the ice cave in on of Iceland’s and Europe’s largest glacier Vatnajokull.’Under roof of ice by Jórunn Sjöfn Guðlaugsdóttir / Picfair

A pink sunset by the glacier lagoon in southeast of Iceland

‘Beautiful pink sunset by the glacier lagoon in south east of Iceland. Ice on fire on the black sandy beach.’Fire and ice by Jórunn Sjöfn Guðlaugsdóttir / Picfair

The black church of Budir

‘The black church of Budir, Iceland.’Budir Church by Dominique Dubied / Picfair

Lupine field in the Vatnajokull National park, southeast Iceland

‘A beautiful purple lupine field in the Vatnajokull National park, south east of Iceland.’Purple Infinity by Jórunn Sjöfn Guðlaugsdóttir / Picfair

An abandoned US Navy aeroplane in southern Iceland

‘Abandoned US Navy airplane in southern Iceland.’Isolation by dscphoto / Picfair

Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavik

‘Lutherian Church, Reykjavik.’Lutherian Church, Reykjavik by Neil Smith / Picfair

Sunset in southern Iceland

‘A couple walking in the desert sand and snow in southern Iceland when the sun is about to set.’Walking the Sunset by Jórunn Sjöfn Guðlaugsdóttir / Picfair

Háifoss waterfall, Iceland’s second highest waterfall

‘Standing on the edge of a high cliff facing Iceland’s second highest waterfall, Haifoss waterfall.’Feeling small by Jórunn Sjöfn Guðlaugsdóttir / Picfair

Snæfellsnes, western Iceland

‘Snow capped mountains on Iceland catching the last evening sun. Snaefellsnes, Iceland.’Snowy mountains by Michiel Mulder / Picfair

The Sun Voyager

Sólfar, the Sun Voyager sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnason

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