Elephants are some of the most graceful and mesmerising animals to watch in the wild. They wave their wandering trunks with surprising control and their leathery, wrinkled skin gives them an air of aged wisdom. But these beautiful beasts are fast in decline: every 15 minutes an elephant is killed by ivory poachers, totalling over 30,000 per year. Today, more elephants are being killed than born; this means that the current poaching rates will make the African elephant extinct by 2036.

These heartbreaking statistics have inspired new coffee table book Remembering Elephants, a joint venture between 65 of the world’s top wildlife photographers to help raise awareness for the preservation of this majestic species. Below, we’ve published 15 of the most striking images from the book.

© Daryl Balfour/Remembering Elephants

© Will Burrard/Remembering Elephants

© Steve & Ann Toon/Remembering Elephants

© Shem Compion/Remembering Elephants

© Paul Goldstein/Remembering Elephants

© Morkel Erasmus/Remembering Elephants

© Marius Coetzee/Remembering Elephants

© Margot Raggett/Remembering Elephants

© Jonathan Scott / Remembering Elephants

© Henrich Neumeyer/Remembering Elephants

© Greg du Toit/Remembering Elephants

© George Logan/Remembering Elephants

© Frederico Veronesi/Remembering Elephants

© Daryl Balfour/Remembering Elephants

© Deeble Stone/Remembering Elephants

Remembering Elephants is now available to order through Born FreeAll proceeds from book sales of Remembering Elephants will go to fighting poaching. The team behind the book is also running an exhibition of the images at La Galleria Pall Mall in London from September 19–October 1 2016. 

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