Rough Guides author and photographer Anthon Jackson has travelled to over eighty countries, from Morocco to Indonesia and Ethiopia to India, capturing many of his experiences through photography. Here, he shares some of his favourite pictures of Egypt.

"I'd been to Egypt a few times before getting into photography, including one stint studying Arabic, so I wasn't completely lost when I came to stay a bit longer in 2009, and again in 2012. I've always been fascinated with ancient Upper Egypt and drawn to the rugged interior of Sinai and the oases of the Western Desert, but over time have become most captivated with Cairo, in my view a vastly underrated city. Soaking up the nostalgia of its crumbling downtown blocks and getting lost in the maze of Islamic Cairo, filled with hidden gems, will likely never get old."

"Bird man" in Islamic Cairo near the Sultan Hassan Mosque

Bird Tower, Islamic Cairo, Egypt, Africa - Anthon Jackson

Sunset in Aswan

Aswan Sunset, Egypt, Africa - Anthon Jackson

The Nile near Aswan

Aswan, the Nile, Egypt - Anton Jackson

Men chatting at Birqash Camel Market, Cairo

Birqash Camel Market, Egypt, Africa - Anthon Jackson


Hatshepsut, Egypt, Africa - Anthon Jackson

Boy with goat, Bahariya

Bahariya Boy & Goat, Egypt, Africa - Anthon Jackson

Sharia El-Moez, Cairo

Sharia El-Moez, Cairo, Egypt, Africa - Anthon Jackson

 A Sudanese woman

Sudanese woman in Egypt, Africa - Anthon Jackson

Nile Fishermen

Nile Fishermen, Egypt, Africa - Anthon Jackson

Wadi Natrun

Wadi Natrun, Egypt, Africa - Anthon Jackson

A Mamluk-era doorway in Khan al-Khalili

Mamluk Doorway

Mosque Courtyard, Islamic Cairo

Mosque Courtyard, Islamic Cairo, Egypt, Africa - Anthon Jackson

You can see more of Anthon’s work on his Facebook page and portfolio. Explore more of Egypt with the Rough Guide to Egypt. Compare flightsbook hostels for your trip, and don’t forget to purchase travel insurance before you go. 

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