Rough Guides Guarantees

Personal Attention Guaranteed

Rough Guides Tailor-made Trips is a marketplace which connects travellers directly with Local Experts. Rough Guides supports you throughout all your interactions with the Local Expert from planning, booking, to through to actually travelling.

When you enquire, you will be assigned a personal Rough Guides Tailor-made Trips team member to support you at every stage. You can reach them by email, our messaging platform or by phone.

While your trip contract will be directly with the local tour operator, we ensure personal attention all throughout the inquiry and booking process.

Local Experts Guaranteed

We believe in the power of knowledge when planning your trip. That's why we connect you directly to local experts, working for established local tour operators in your chosen destination.

All of these tour operators have been diligently screened in different areas of their business, including:

  • their financial stability
  • their client satisfaction scores
  • their responsiveness
  • their competitive pricing
  • their English and communication skills.

We continuously provide various types of trainings to all of the local experts in the marketplace and ensure the compliance with our high quality standards.

This way we ensure that they will not only plan a trip tailored to your wishes, but more importantly, once at the destination they will be available 24/7 to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Finally, as you will be in touch with the local tour operator directly, there's no other middlemen to pay commission to, so the prices you will receive are always competitive.

Money Back Guarantee

In the very unlikely event of a local tour operator being subject to economic difficulties, such as bankruptcy, we guarantee that you will either be refunded in full or we will find a substitute local tour operator to fulfill your trip.

Your legal trip contract will be directly with the local tour operator.

"Financial default" means the local tour operator substantially fails to provide the package of the services offered and booked by you, due to a credit or other financial failure on the part of the trip provider. This does not cover any force majeure events, such as wars or terrorism, any consequences of failure on your part to fulfill obligations such as having the necessary travel documents or being at a necessary departure point, unsatisfactory performance of any part of the trip (please contact the local expert under their emergency number immediately in these cases), or any other issues not related to the financial default of the local tour operator.

Secure Payments Guaranteed

All payments are taken on a secure website, provided by Braintree, a Paypal company, to ensure high security measures.

Your payment can be made by either VISA or MasterCard at no additional cost to you.

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