Best accommodation in Montenegro

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The accommodation scene in Montenegro can be somewhat frustrating. Partly due to the country’s premature marketing as a “luxury” destination, hotels are almost uniformly overpriced – in some areas, it can be tough to find anything for under €50 in peak season. A few hostels have opened up in recent years, though competition is yet to hone quality. Many travellers end up staying in private rooms (sobe). Prices vary dramatically depending on the quality of room, the time of year and the location in question – rates in less heralded towns dip below €10 per person in off-season, though you may pay three times more during summer in popular destinations such as Budva and Kotor. In warmer months, proprietors with rooms to spare wait for travellers outside the bus stations – see what’s on offer before handing over any cash – while travel agencies are often able to make bookings.

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