Getting around Latvia: Transportation Tips

Rīga has plentiful and cheap public transport. Buy train tickets in advance: stations have separate windows for long-distance (starpilsetu) and suburban (pirpilsetu) trains. Long-distance services are divided into “passenger” (pasazieruvilciens) and “fast” (ātrs) – both are quite slow but the latter, usually requiring a reservation, stops at fewer places. On timetable boards, look for atiet (departure) or pienāk (arrival). Check train timetables online at

Buses are slightly quicker than trains, though marginally more expensive. Buy long-distance tickets in advance from the ticket counter and opt for an express (ekspresis) bus if possible.

A new BalticBike borrowing system ( allows you to pick up and drop off bicycles from various points around Rīga and Jūrmala for €1.50 per hour. Cycling is a particularly good way of getting around the resort areas and small towns.

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updated 4/26/2021
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