Argentina // The Litoral and the Gran Chaco //

The Jesuit missions

After Iguazú Falls, the province’s major tourist attractions are the Jesuit missions, north of Posadas. The largest, San Ignacio Miní, is also the best preserved in the whole of the missions region, which extended beyond the Paraguay and Uruguay rivers to Paraguay and Brazil, and also into Corrientes Province. Far less well preserved – and much less visited – are the ruins of Santa Ana and Loreto, south of San Ignacio; these crumbling monuments, set amid thick jungle vegetation, are less dramatic but appealing if only because they attract fewer visitors. All three missions can be visited on a day-trip from Posadas, though it’s well worth spending a night in San Ignacio, visiting the ruins in the morning light – the best time for photographs, when the low light enhances the buildings’ deep reddish hues – and again at night. In addition to the attractive village, there’s a stunning area of forest with perhaps the finest stretch of river scenery in the whole region.

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