Mexico // Acapulco and the Pacific beaches //


Beyond Acapulco Bay, across the hills to the south, lies another major resort zone known as Diamante, with deluxe hotels lining the coast all the way to the airport and the former village of Barra Vieja. On the way you’ll pass some of the fanciest hotels and villas in Acapulco, as well as some mesmerizing views of the city. Puerto Marqués is the first of the beaches, a sheltered, deeply indented cove with restaurants and beach chairs right down to the water’s edge. Nearby, the Punta Diamante is occupied by the most expensive hotel in Acapulco – the Banyan Tree Resort – but you can continue by road to Playa Revolcadero. This beach, a long exposed stretch of sand, is beautiful but frequently lashed by heavy surf that makes swimming impossible.

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