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Kolmårdens Djurpark

If you’ve only got time for one excursion from Norrköping, make it to Kolmårdens Djurpark, a safari park, zoo and dolphinarium that is one of Sweden’s biggest attractions. Just 28km northeast of Norrköping and accessible by frequent buses, it’s understandably popular with children, for whom there’s a special section, and if your views on zoos are negative, it’s just about possible to be convinced that this one is different. There are no cages; instead, sunken enclosures, rock barriers and moats prevent the animals from feasting on their captors as you glide silently over their heads in a cable car. Check out the dolphin shows (generally between one and four a day) and the working farm. There’s a youth hostel on site, or you can camp five miles away.


The adjacent Tropicarium contains Sweden’s largest collection of tropical plants and animals, spread out over two square kilometres. The interior really is extremely realistic, even featuring a mock-up of an alligator swamp which receives rain and thunderstorms every hour. The most popular attraction is the shark aquarium, with three different species of shark and hundreds of other tropical fish.

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