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Gotland’s best beaches

Gotland is renowned throughout Sweden for its fine sandy beaches, The coast between Sjaustrehammaren and Ljugarn on the east coast, backed by pine forest, is the best beach on the entire island, a vast, unsullied stretch of golden sand; the southern section in front of Mullvalds strandskog forest is popular with naturists. Get here on bus #41 to Gammelgarn from where it’s a fifteen-minute cycle ride along the road to Ljugarn and then follow one of the narrow forest tracks which lead down off left to the shore.

The best of the rest are detailed below.


is a 5km cycle ride north of Visby and popular with families who appreciate the gently sloping sands which make paddling particularly easy and safe for kids.

Tofta strand

(take bus #10 south from Visby) is also suited to families with children, since the water is relatively shallow and warm.


on Fårö (take bus #20 from Visby to the ferry at Fårösund, then a taxi to the beach itself; book on 0498 20 20 00) is a perfectly formed sandy bay.


in the south is surrounded by wild, unspoilt countryside and limestone raukar; bus #11 will take you here.

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