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The Inlandsbanan

Stretching over 1000km from Mora to Gällivare, north of the Arctic Circle, the privately operated Inlandsbanan, the Inland Railway, is a great way of travelling off the beaten track through central and northern Sweden; onboard guides provide commentaries and information about places along the route to ensure you get the most out of the journey. State-owned until 1992, it’s now run as a private venture, supported by the fifteen municipalities that the route passes through.

Inlandsbanan information

Trains run on the Inlandsbanan between June and August; the latest timings and prices (Mora–Östersund, for example, is 414kr) are at
grandnordic.se and InterRail cards are valid. Timetables are only approximate, and the train will stop whenever the driver feels like it – perhaps for a spot of wild-strawberry picking or to watch a beaver damming a stream. Generally in June & August, there’s one daily train north from Mora at around 2.35pm, supplemented by a northbound morning departure around 8am in July. Done in one go, the journey from Mora to Gällivare lasts two days, with an overnight stop in Östersund. It’s a much better idea, though, to take it at a more relaxed pace, with a couple of stops along the route (you can break your journey as many times as you like on one ticket).

If you’re planning using the Inlandsbanan a lot, consider investing in the Inland Railway Card (Inlandsbanekort; 1595kr), which gives unlimited travel for two weeks.

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