Germany // Munich and central Bavaria //

The Schloss

Neuburg’s magnificent Renaissance Schloss was constructed from 1530 onwards for Pfalzgraf (Count Palatine) Ottheinrich, the principality’s first ruler; the splendid arcaded courtyard is decorated with elaborate sgraffito, while the chapel was the first purpose-built Protestant church in Germany and has beautiful frescoes by Hans Bocksberger dating from 1543. Highlights of the Schloss’s interior include the Rittersaal or Knights’ Hall in the north wing, with its mighty columns and wooden ceiling. A Baroque east wing was added in 1665 to 1670, complete with two round towers that dominate the river and town. The Schloss’s west wing contains the Bayerische Staatsgalerie Flämische Barockmalerei, with a hundred and twenty works of Flemish art by masters including Rubens, Van Dyck and Bruegel.

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