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Neuburg an der Donau

Despite its name, which means “new castle on the Danube”, the delightful little town of NEUBURG AN DER DONAU, 21km west of Ingolstadt, is scarcely new, though it was only after the foundation of the principality of Pfalz-Neuburg in 1505 that it really gained any importance. The “official” quarter on a bluff high above the river has a dolls’ house prettiness, with stately seventeenth-and eighteenth-century gabled houses lining the main street, Amalienstrasse, and the principal civic buildings – including the late Renaissance Hofkirche – grouped around a handsome central square, Karlsplatz. The town is utterly dominated by its impressive Renaissance Schloss, which is the main reason for a visit. If you’re in Neuburg in the spring be sure to try the locally grown Schrobenhausen asparagus, which is considered a great delicacy.

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