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Town Hall and around

The city’s centre is its cobbled Raekoja plats, fronted by the Neoclassical Town Hall, a pink-and-white edifice with the “Kissing Students” statue in the fountain in front of it.

The Leaning House

The northeast corner features the Leaning House – Tartu’s answer to the Leaning Tower of Piza and home of the Tartu Art Museum, with edgy temporary exhibitions downstairs and works by Estonian masters upstairs.

Tartu University

The Neoclassical theme continues in the cool white facade of the main Tartu University building, just north of the square. Upstairs you can look at the Student Lock-up, where students were incarcerated in the nineteenth century for such offences as the late return of library books and duelling.

St John’s Church

About 100m beyond the university is the red-brick Gothic St Johns Church, founded in 1330, and most famous for over one thousand pint-sized terracotta sculptures set in niches around the main entrance.

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