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Marselisborg Palace and Moesgård Museum

Marselisborg Skov, two kilometres south of the centre, is the city’s largest park, and home to the summer residence of the Danish royals: its landscaped grounds can be visited when the monarch isn’t staying (usually at all times outside Easter, Christmas and late June to early Aug).

Ten kilometres south of Århus, the Moesgård Museum details Danish civilizations from the Stone Age onwards. Its most notable exhibit is the “Grauballe Man”, an amazingly well-preserved sacrificial victim dating from around 100 BC discovered in a peat bog west of town in 1952. Also remarkable is the Illerup Ådal collection of Iron Age weapons and the scenic “prehistoric trail” which runs 3km to the sea. A striking redesign of the museum (tripling the area but not affecting access) should be complete by 2014.

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