Cyprus // Lemesos and around //

Governor’s Beach

A pretty group of coves notable for its dark sand and bright white cliffs, Governor’s Beach lies just off the A1, and gets very busy, especially at weekends. It has all the facilities you need for a civilized day at the seaside – tavernas, showers, beach umbrellas and loungers – with easy access via a clifftop path and a number of flights of steps down to the sand. The low chalk cliffs are topped by luxuriant vegetation, and contrast with the dark sand of the beaches, which are interspersed with further outcrops of chalk, one of which, much used by anglers, juts menacingly out of the sea like the shark in Jaws. The eastward view from the beach, once merely unedifyingly industrial, now takes in the dramatic aftermath of the island’s worst peacetime disaster, the Evangelos Florakis Naval Base explosion of January, 2011. The tattered remains of the Vasilikou power station squat next to the base’s red and white chimneys, with the radio masts of the BBC relay station at Zygi in the background.

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