The oldest reserve in Honduras, Parque Nacional La Tigra was designated a national park in 1980. Just 22km from Tegucigalpa, its accessibility and good system of trails make it a popular destination; however, much of the original cloudforest has been destroyed through heavy logging, so what you see is generally secondary growth. Parts of the park still shelter oak trees, bromeliads, ferns, orchids and other typical cloudforest flora, along with wildlife such as deer, white-faced monkeys and ocelots – though they tend to stick to parts of the park that are out of bounds to visitors. The trails are well laid out, and provide some easy hiking, either on a circular route from the visitors’ centre or across the park between the two entrances. Guides  are also available, though they only speak Spanish. You can visit the park as a day-trip but it’s worth staying a couple of nights.

The park has two entrances. The western side is reached via the village of Jutiapa, 17km east of Tegucigalpa. Though slightly easier to reach from the capital, this entrance has few facilities. The second entrance is best reached via the village of San Juancito from where you can walk or get a pick-up the 5km to the park.

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