Open-water courses cost around US$280–300; prices are supposed to be fixed but in reality some schools charge more and some less. The price normally includes accommodation for at least part of the course, and discounted accommodation afterwards. Fun dives cost around US$35. There’s a US$4 reef conservation fee to pay too.
Alton’s 2min west of the airstrip 2425 3704, Accommodation on site (discounted following courses), and use of kitchen. It has a conch nursery and a stringent ecological policy.
Bay Islands College of Diving 5min west of the dock, next to Utila Lodge 2425 3291, Professional school, with an indoor training pool and the island’s only hyperbaric chamber on site.
Captain Morgan’s On the corner opposite the dock 2425 3349, Accommodation provided at Pirate’s Bay Inn and the Lonestar Hotel.
Cross Creek 5min east of the dock 2425 3397, Based in the hotel of the same name.
Deep Blue Divers 10min west of the dock 2425 3511, Based at the hotel of the same name, where accommodation is provided.
Gunter’s 8min west of the dock 2425 3350, A small, relaxed operation that offers a “lazy boat” for late risers. Its dock is a favourite haunt of sea horses.
Parrots 2min west of the dock 2425 3772, Free accommodation and a dynamic environment.
Underwater Vision 2425 3103, Good accommodation provided at Hotel Trudy.
Utila Dive Centre Near the end of the road west of the dock, close to the bridge 2425 3326, Perhaps the best reputation for quality and safety, and courses are a bit pricier as a result. Free dorm accommodation at Mango Inn.

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