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Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area

The Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area (東北角暨宜蘭海岸國家風景區; dōngběijiǎo jì yílán hǎiàn guójiā fēngjǐngqū) incorporates some of Taiwan’s most spectacular coastal scenery, stretching 102.5km from Nanya, just east of Jiufen, to Suao. Accessible by bus or train, the area can be covered as a series of lengthy day-trips from Taipei or Keelung, though Fulong, with its attractive beach, is a gateway to the region (and home to the Scenic Area visitor centre) and a more convenient base for longer stays. Highlights include the network of hiking trails between Bitou Cape and Longdong and the surfing hotspot of Daxi. To the south, the towns of Jiaoxi and Luodong (just outside the Scenic Area proper) are worthy detours before heading on Hualien.

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