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Rising majestically on Changhua’s eastern fringe is the 92m Baguashan (八卦山; bāguàshān; open 24hr), from the top of which its crowning glory – the Great Buddha Statue (大佛像; dàfóxiàng) – keeps a constant vigil over the town. To get there, keep walking along Kongmen beyond Zhongshan and follow the signs. Towering 22m above its brightly coloured lotus-flower base, the statue has become one of Taiwan’s most recognizable landmarks since its construction in 1961. It is made entirely of reinforced concrete and has a hollow, six-storey interior; you can go inside to check out the dioramas depicting the stages of Buddha’s life. Behind the statue to the east is the three-storey Great Buddha Temple, the top floor of which is a superb place to watch the sun set over the Great Buddha’s shoulders. Still further east is the tranquil Baguashan Scenic Area (八卦山風景區; bāguàshān fēngjǐngqū), interspersed with short walkways leading to pavilions and city views.

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