South Korea // Chungcheong //


Every country has a city like DAEJEON (대전) – somewhere pleasant to go about daily life, but with little to offer the casual visitor. These, however, arrive in surprisingly high numbers, many using the city as a default stopover on the high-speed rail line from Seoul to Busan. There are far better places in which to break this journey, including on the lesser-used slow line through Danyang, Andong and Gyeongju, but if you do choose to hole up in Daejeon you’ll find a few mildly diverting attractions. Most vaunted are Expo Park, built for an exhibition in 1993, yet still somehow a source of local pride, and Yuseong, the therapeutic hot-spring resort on the western flank of the city. Daejeon’s best use, perhaps, is as a base for the small but pretty Gyeryongsan to the west.

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