Myanmar (Burma) // The delta region and western Myanmar //

Ngwe Saung

The 15km-long stretch of pale, fine sand at Ngwe Saung is more appealing than the beach at Chaung Tha, not least because its length means that it is much less densely developed. There are plenty of resorts but the beach is cleaner and more laidback here; it also has clearer water, which unlike Chaung Tha isn’t full of kids clinging onto huge inner tubes. The flipside is that Ngwe Saung attracts a lot more foreigners and wealthy locals, meaning that prices are higher and that it’s arguably a less interesting experience.

There’s a small village with a main street almost entirely devoted to fulfilling tourist needs; generally speaking, the priciest resorts are north of the village and the cheapest are strung out to the south. If you fancy a wander then Lover’s Island, just offshore around 500m south of the two hotels listed here, is an easy destination at low tide.

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