South Africa // KwaZulu-Natal //

Eating Indian in Durban

Inexpensive Indian takeaways – all open very early and usually shut by 5pm – abound in the city centre. Little Gujarat, 107 Dr Goonam St, and Victory Lounge on the corner of Dr Yusuf Dadoo and Bertha Mkhize streets are noted for their vegetarian food and traditional sweetmeats respectively. Otherwise, the Oriental takeaway at the Workshop Mall does a hotchpotch of fare – delicious Indian-style shawarmas, bunny chows and curries. If you’re hankering for something much slicker in the heart of town, head to Ulundi Tapas at The Royal Hotel, where you’ll be served light thali curry dishes (R22–35 each; order a minimum of three) for lunch and dinner in a stylish and contemporary black-and-white dining room.

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