The bulk of the city’s hotels occupy modern skyscrapers, though the opening of a string of boutique hotels in the last few years has livened things up considerably. Availability can be a problem, especially during the city’s big festivals, but booking in advance is recommended at any time of the year. Prices fluctuate wildly, but in general double rooms in the city centre start at about $150. Free wi-fi is not necessarily a given; you’re more likely to find it at mid-range hotels, and at higher-end lodgings, you’ll more often have to pay for the service (though not at Delta Toronto). Bed and breakfast accommodation tends to be less expensive and although most of these places are not as central as the city’s hotels, they often take you out into Toronto’s quainter/quieter neighbourhoods. Budget-conscious travellers might want to consider a hostel or opt instead for a student room in one of the university’s halls of residence, available – with some variation – from the second week in May to late August. The Ontario Tourism travel information centre will help in finding a hotel room, as will Tourism Toronto.

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