Travel insurance for overseas travel during the coronavirus pandemic: all you need to know

Helen Fanthorpe

written by
Helen Fanthorpe

updated 10.11.2020

Being a digital nomad means combining work with that idyllic lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, but it can all feel a bit overwhelming in the midst of a global pandemic. Luckily, SafetyWing offers comprehensive insurance policies specifically tailored to adventurous nomads; policies cover Covid-19 just like any other illness.

With the digital revolution well underway, and increasingly flexible working policies, more of us are living and working remotely than ever before. A growing number of digital nomads – and entire remote teams – are now scattered across the world, combining work with lifestyle and adventure. But it’s crucial to have the right insurance to help keep you safe when working abroad – especially during a global pandemic, when even finding simple coronavirus travel insurance can feel overwhelming. That’s where SafetyWing comes in: with comprehensive insurance products tailored to nomads across the globe, staying safe away from home couldn’t be easier.

Overview of SafetyWing insurance options

Nomad Insurance

SafetyWing currently offers two main products. The first is Nomad Insurance, a travel medical insurance policy covering people from all over the world who live outside their home countries. From medical expenses to lost luggage, natural disasters and personal liability, SafetyWing provides a global safety net for nomads who fall through the cracks of traditional, trip-centred insurance policies. If you’re living away from home and are still wondering where to get Covid travel insurance, look no further: coronavirus treatments have been covered under Nomad Insurance since 1 August 2020.

Why Nomad? Built specifically for digital nomads, Nomad Insurance operates like a monthly subscription service, and can be purchased even if you’re already abroad. Nomad Insurance has the added advantage of covering home visits to see your loved ones, too. If that wasn’t enough to recommend it, up to two children (aged under ten) per family (one per adult) can be added to your policy free of charge.

Remote Health

Remote Health provides global health insurance for individuals and companies alike. With comprehensive cover wherever you are in the world, including in your home country, Remote Health takes the risk out of living and working abroad. With no exclusions for pandemics – and Covid-19 treatments included – purchasing coronavirus travel insurance couldn’t be easier.

Why Remote Health? Perfect for individuals, remote teams and nimble startups, Remote Health provides full global cover so you can settle overseas or country-hop in complete confidence. Claims are fast and easy: SafetyWing can arrange payment with hospitals directly, or – for minor treatments – an online claims process will see you reimbursed within 7 days. Companies can add and remove employees easily from their policies, which can support full- and part-time contracts, as well as anything in between. SafetyWing’s 24/7 support line means you’ll never have to worry about waiting on the line, whatever time zone you’re in.

Relax in the knowledge that you have comprehensive coronavirus travel insurance © shevtsovy/Shutterstock

Relax in the knowledge that you have comprehensive coronavirus travel insurance © shevtsovy/Shutterstock

Where can I travel with coronavirus travel insurance?

As of 1 August 2019, SafetyWing policies all include worldwide coronavirus travel insurance. Nomad Insurance covers you anywhere in the world outside your home country, with the exception of Cuba, Iran and North Korea; in addition, there are a small number of specific destinations where you won’t be covered for kidnapping.

If I travel to a country with Covid-19 cases, will I still be covered?

The short answer is yes. While high alert warnings (Level 3 or higher) issued by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention normally invalidate SafetyWing insurance claims, this exclusion does not apply to charges resulting from Covid-19 – so you’ll be covered wherever you travel.

What does Covid-19 travel insurance cover?

What’s covered?

If you find yourself asking “What does Covid travel insurance cover?”, you’re not alone. Reading the small print of insurance policies can feel overwhelming, but checking exactly what is included is time – and money – well spent. At SafetyWing, coronavirus is fully covered, which includes eligible expenses for hospital visits, trips to the doctor and/or prescription drugs. Emergency travel-related benefits are included too, for example emergency medical evacuation, bedside visits, travel delays and lost checked luggage.

What’s not covered?

Coverage for coronavirus works the same as any other illness – provided you did not contract the disease before your coverage start date, and it isn’t negated by any other policy exclusion or limitation. Testing for coronavirus will only be covered by your insurance if a physician has deemed it medically necessary; in the same vein, the antibody test is not covered, as it is not considered a medical necessity. More generally, SafetyWing medical insurance does not cover general check ups, cancer treatments or pre-existing conditions – though if you spend most of your time abroad and need more comprehensive global health coverage, look into Remote Health.

How long is the insurance good for?

SafetyWing Insurance operates like a subscription service, offering you the very best in terms of ease and flexibility. You can sign up for automatic monthly renewal – coverage will automatically extend every 4 weeks, unless you cancel your policy. An email will be sent to notify you of your extension and payment each month. After one year (well, 364 days), you will have to actively re-purchase your coverage to continue using SafetyWing. There’s no limit on re-purchases, though coverage isn’t available for anyone aged 70+.

SafetyWing insurance is also available for short-term travellers. Simply add the exact dates of your trip and pay upfront, rather than in monthly installments.

SafetyWing insurance means you can make the most of flexible working with total peace of mind © PhotoSunnyDays/Shutterstock

SafetyWing insurance means you can make the most of flexible working with total peace of mind © PhotoSunnyDays/Shutterstock

Can I purchase insurance if I’m already travelling?

Yes, another advantage of Nomad Insurance is that you can buy insurance either before you travel, or once you’ve already started your adventure. Remember, however, that your insurance policy will not cover you for any illness or condition you contracted before taking out your policy.

Travel tips for staying safe while travelling during Covid-19

Tip 1: Get up-to-date travel advice

If you’re travelling during Covid-19, it’s important to have access to up-to-date travel advice before and during your time abroad. If there’s a local outbreak in your chosen destination or last-minute travel restrictions or lockdowns come into play, you’ll want to know in advance. In addition, you may need to provide a negative Covid-19 test to pass through immigration, or to consider where you’ll want to spend any initial quarantine period on arrival. SafetyWing’s Flatten the Curve website is the place to start your research, with up-to-date information on restrictions, containment measures, testing and treatment in countries across the globe. When you touch down in your destination, make sure to heed all local safety and hygiene measures to keep yourself and the local population safe.

Tip 2: Take safety precautions seriously

Be sure to take all the common-sense safety precautions seriously, wherever you are in the world. Wear a face mask in public places – especially if you’re inside, in busy transport hubs like airports and train stations – and socially distance properly wherever possible. Carry hand sanitizer and wash your hands regularly, with plenty of soap. Do your research to make sure that any accommodation and restaurants you visit abroad adhere to hygiene protocols and local regulations.

Tip 3: Insure, insure and insure

It might not come as any surprise that our last tip is to purchase comprehensive coronavirus travel insurance! Should the worst happen and you contract Covid-19 away from home, it’ll be a great comfort to know that you’ll receive the best medical treatment without having to foot the bill. Though hospitalizations from Covid-19 are still rare, all eventualities need consideration. SafetyWing insurance covers visits to the doctor, the hospital and any medicinal prescriptions, which can add up to a small fortune depending on where in the world you are receiving treatment. Don’t leave it up to chance.

The importance of having proper travel and medical insurance while living and working abroad cannot be overstated, especially during a global pandemic. Being digital nomads themselves, the team at SafetyWing know all about the needs of individuals and companies based abroad. Their policies – which include full Covid cover – take care of all the pesky details so you can enjoy your time away from home with total peace of mind. Well, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Nomad Insurance or Remote Health today.

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Helen Fanthorpe

written by
Helen Fanthorpe

updated 10.11.2020

Helen worked as a Senior Travel Editor at Rough Guides and Insight Guides, based in the London office. Among her favourite projects to work on are inspirational guides like Make the most of your time on Earth, the ultimate travel bucket list.

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