Why you should book a tailor-made trip with Rough Guides

updated 1/16/2020
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If you haven’t heard already (where have you been?!), we launched RG Trips late in 2018 and now we can offer tailor-made travel, created by local experts, in over 70 countries. We connect travellers with a local expert in their chosen destination to help create an itinerary that’s packed with personality and stimulating adventure.

What does tailor-made travel mean?

Exactly what it sounds like. On a tailor-made holiday, you’re in the driving seat. No two trips are the same. You can decide where to go, for how long, and what you’d like to see along the way. A local travel expert is your main point of contact, and takes care of all the bookings and timings, taking the stress out of travel planning. Your expert will arrange a local guide to accompany you on the trip, sharing information about the destination and making sure everything runs smoothly. Explore Rough Guides trips options here.

Riomaggiore in Cinque Terre, Italy – just one of the places you can visit with Rough Guides Trips © Shutterstock

What are the benefits of booking a tailor-made itinerary?

On a customised trip, you can choose exactly what you want to see, or be guided by your local experts' experience. Everything is flexible, from where you stay to daily excursions, meal preferences and more. For example – if you have specific sights you want to cover in Italy, your expert can plan an itinerary to suit. Or, if on the other hand, you want to visit Sri Lanka but don't know where to start, your expert can take the lead. If your more of a beach person or you love exploring cities – just let your expert know, and they'll adapt the itinerary.

Who is tailor-made travel for?

At Rough Guides, we’ve always been interested in more than just how to get from A-B, and we know a lot of our customers feel the same way. We’re also aware that heading off the beaten track doesn’t have to mean going without running water! For travellers that want adventure without giving up all the creature comforts, a tailor-made trip is ideal. The trips are designed to make travel easy, while still being adventurous. You will enjoy a truly authentic experience while knowing that all the arrangements are covered.

Is tailor-made travel more expensive?

By working directly with local experts we cut out the middleman and the associated costs, so our trips can provide good value. Do bear in mind though, if you’re working with a budget of less than £100 per day, prefer to take public transport or stay in low-budget accommodation like hostels, you might find our trips are not ideal.

Another consideration is how you like to plan each day. All our itineraries are planned and agreed with you in advance. They’re not designed for people who like to take each day as it comes.

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    What countries can I visit with a tailor-made trip?

    Rough Guides Tailor-Made Trips offers holidays to over 70 countries across 6 continents. From China to Colombia and South Africa to Slovenia we can plan and book a memorable trip for you.

    How far in advance do I need to book a trip?

    We recommend that you get in touch 2-4 weeks before your proposed travel date at the very latest to give our experts enough time to get everything just right for you. The earlier you can book the more time you’ll have to get your trip just right.

    Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro © Shutterstock

    How to book

    It couldn’t be easier to plan a tailor-made trip with us. Here’s how:

    1. Head to our enquiry form
    2. Choose your destination, pick your dates and submit an inquiry
    3. Fill in a short form to share your preferences with your local expert
    4. Receive your personalised itinerary – you can tweak and refine until you're completely happy
    5. Book online, pack your bags and enjoy your trip!

    Enquire today and start planning your trip with a local expert

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    created 11/23/2018
    updated 1/16/2020
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