Podcast: Adventures with the Natural Navigator

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Greg Dickinson

In a world where we rely so heavily on GPS to get from A to B, it's easy to tune out from the natural navigational clues that surround us.

In this episode of The Rough Guide to Everywhere (iTunes; Soundcloud), host Greg Dickinson travels to Barnham in West Sussex to meet up with Tristan Gooley, the "Natural Navigator".

Tristan, who has been a full-time natural navigator for 10 years, teaches Greg how to create an internal compass using the logic of nature, taking clues from natural forms such as plants, insects and clouds.

Deep in the Sussex woodland, Tristan shares tales of getting utterly lost and explains why navigating is a fundamental part of being human.

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And for more information on natural navigation, visit Tristan's website where you can also book onto a course. Contact him on Twitter @NaturalNav.

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