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Zara Sekhavati

written by
Zara Sekhavati

updated 14.07.2020

It’s no secret that national lockdowns and travel restrictions have got us dreaming. And while many people are still staying clear of international trips, we’ve all been thinking about our favourite destinations and adding to our bucket-list line-ups. Here at Rough Guides, we took to Twitter to find out where our readers are dreaming of, starting with the allure of food…

If you could go to one place just for the food, where would it be?

At Rough Guides, we believe food is one of the best ways to really get to the heart of a country and to connect with locals. We asked our online followers the question: if you could go to one place just for the food, where would it be?

Answers have poured in and these are the tasty spots our readers are thinking about. From tingling spice in India to smooth and silky ice cream in Italy, we can’t wait to follow the smells of a vibrant market and to tuck into one of these dishes. We’re hungry just thinking about them all…


Cicchetti: Italian tapas, small snacks with prosciutto, brie, seafood, meat and other stuffing © Bulgn/Shutterstock

Finding A Neish @findinganeish

I’d love to go back to the French Riviera for a strong coffee, a crumbly pastry and a pistachio ice cream right now

Seema @sl2016_sl

Toss up between Thailand, Italy and India. Way too much yummyness to choose from!

Justin Boot @Polymathically

Somewhere spicy. India or Vietnam come to mind

Dorothée Lefering @DoroLef

I loved the food in Cambodia, and Italy is amazing too

Alyssa Mulan-O @TheWanderLyz

Taiwan! Or Vietnam!

Andante Travels @AndanteTravels

Denmark or Finland. Can't choose!

Barefoot Footprints Backpacker @RTWBarefoot

Indiaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! I'd imagine a selection of street food; pakoras most probably


Traditional Indian deep-fried pakoras © veggie ony/Shutterstock

Has somewhere new been added to your dream travel plans during lockdown?

Lockdown has provided us the time to plan our next adventure. Our editors have been dreaming about making a trip to the bright lights of Korea, wandering through tranquil temples in Cambodia and heading back to Iran. We asked our followers if somewhere new had been added to their dream travel plans during lockdown. Now our own lists have grown even longer…


Traditional tuk tuks approaching the South gate to Angkor Thom, near Siem Reap, Cambodia © S-F/Shutterstock

Dorothée Lefering @DoroLef

I would love to visit Patagonia and go on another road trip in the Zambezi region (previously known as Caprivi). So much to see.

Alyssa Mulan-O @TheWanderLyz

I have 3 on my list currently: Taiwan, Japan, Australia. Recently, I talked to a friend who's convincing me to visit her again in Cambodia, and then I saw some beautiful pictures of Croatia which makes me want to really visit there.

illgetthereintheend @coastalspc

Maybe Japan Never been on my list but a few TV programmes and documentaries have pushed it up my list.

Seema @sl2016_sl

The salt flats of South America. Smiling face with 3 hearts. Totally on the bucket list since watching a travel programme during the lockdown. South America is one continent I haven’t touched, need to rectify that as soon as we’re able to.

Finding A Neish @findinganeish

Oddly, Aberdeen, just 66 miles away, has been a near-constant temptation for me. It will be the first place I visit when the current 5-mile limits are relaxed.


Aberdeen, Scotland © s_karau/Shutterstock

Top image: Traditional tuk tuks approaching the South gate to Angkor Thom, Cambodia © S-F/Shutterstock

Zara Sekhavati

written by
Zara Sekhavati

updated 14.07.2020

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