Importance of sustainable travel in 2021

written by Amy Hopkins
updated 7/9/2021
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Since Rough Guides was founded 1982, we've made it our mission to highlight off-the-beaten-track sights and bring our readers in-depths insights into destinations’ culture and history. We believe this approach encourages travellers to stay longer, immerse themselves in experiences that enhance local economies and enjoy cultural exchange with their hosts.

Travelling responsibly

Our dedicated network of writers work hard to bring travellers like you practical information to help you minimise any negative impact of your trip, while maximising the positive impact that comes from engaging with local communities.

These are the beliefs that Rough Guides was formed on, and now we’re going one step further. What started as an ethos is now a promise: We pledge to uphold and promote responsible travel.

Find ideas for how to travel more sustainably.

Rough Guides pledges to empower women in travel © soft_light/Shutterstock© soft_light/Shutterstock

Empowering women

At Rough Guides, we’ve long recognised the fundamental, transformative contributions that women make to communities, culture and commerce around the world. These contributions are still all too often overlooked, which is why we’ve also pledged to support and promote female-led and female-empowering travel initiatives.

Our goal is to help amplify the voices, expertise, experiences and endeavours of women around the world. We will do what we can to support female-led community tourism operators and entrepreneurs, community leaders, female travellers and writers.

Our pledge

We promise to:

Raise awareness - We will bring you, our readers, as much information as possible on issues and practices relating to the empowerment of women and responsible travel

Raise the bar - We will the improve our company practices

Raise money - We will support charitable projects that make a difference to local communities, especially to women’s lives

We will apply these principles to all areas of the Rough Guides business - our guidebooks, the articles on our website, the trips we organise for you through our Tailor Made Trips initiative and the way we work within our company.

Rough Guides supports travel that benefits local communities © szefei/Shutterstock

Rough Guides guidebooks

  • Updated versions of our beloved books will all feature chapters on responsible travel
  • New editions will be written through the lens of responsible travel and female empowerment
  • When printing new books, we have already cut our paper consumption and we will switch entirely to using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited paper

Tailor Made Trips

  • Our Tailor Made Trips connect travellers with local tour operators, who plan a bespoke trip for you, just the way you want it
  • We will help our local tour operators develop more sustainable practices, and we'll promote female-led initiatives
  • We will highlight trips that aim to counter over-tourism

Rough Guides website

  • We will publish guidelines to help you minimise the negative impact of your trips and enhance the positive
  • We will bring you features on community-led initiatives and sustainable tourism
  • Our writers will produce articles that shine a light on the experience and knowledge of female travellers
  • Working towards a future of more responsible travel © Chachamp/Shutterstock

    The future

    Rough Guides Responsible Travel Policy is a work in progress. We’ll do our best to uphold and promote responsible travel and to support female-led initiatives, and we’ll review our work regularly to find out what needs to change. We are proud to make these long-term pledges and we look forward to fulfilling them to create a better future for travel, for all of us.

    Find out more about travelling more responsibly in the post-Covid world and how to think about travel in a more mindful way.

    Top image: Hiker hiking on Pipiwai Trail on famous road to hana travel, Maui, Hawaii © Maridav/Shutterstock

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    written by Amy Hopkins
    updated 7/9/2021
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