Corona Travel Updates June 2020

written by Helen Fanthorpe

updated 2.07.2020

This article covers June 2020. Visit our up-to-date article with the latest news on Corona virus and travelhere.

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    30.06 – EU formalizes list of safe countries

  • Thailand is set to lift its ban on international travel on 1 July.
  • Broadway theatres will remain closed until at least 3 January 2021.
  • Dutch airline KLM has reported signs of recovery for short-haul flights, with long-haul bookings still the most affected.

EU confirms list of safe nations

The EU has now formally released its list of safe nations from which travellers will be allow to enter the bloc from 1 July. As expected, the USA is excluded from the list, as is Russia, Brazil and India. Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay all made the cut, with the addition of China – pending reciprocal arrangements being made in Beijing. Read the full story.

Lufthansa to offer Covid-19 tests at Frankfurt airport

Lufthansa is looking to give passengers the option of taking a Covid-19 test at Frankfurt airport, to avoid having to quarantine on arrival at their destination. Passengers will have to foot the bill, but results could be provided in as little as 2–3 hours. Read the full story.

New Yorkshire train to open up dales scenery

A new train will be running the tracks in Yorkshire from next month, taking travellers between Skipton, North Yorkshire and Appleby in Cumbria. Post-corona, people will be looking to wide-open spaces to explore on foot or by bike – and this could be the ticket to take them there. Read the full story.

Brits rush to book international trips

Travel operators have confirmed a surge in UK-based bookings, fuelled by confirmation that the country plans to replace its blanket 14-day quarantine with “air bridge” arrangements. Italy, France, Greece and Spain are proving the most popular destinations. Read the full story.

EU to reveal safe nations on Tuesday

The EU is expected to announce tomorrow which nations will be deemed safe for travel outside the bloc. The list is thought to include 15 non-EU countries, and does not include the US. Read the full story.

Belize is back

The Central American nation of Belize is preparing to reopen on 15 August. Travellers will be expected to comply with a detailed list of health and safety measures for the duration of their trip, including testing negative within 72 hours of arrival – or else at the airport on arrival. Read the full story.

Ireland extends 14-day quarantine for Brits

While Ireland prepares to relax its border restrictions for several low-risk countries from 9 July, the 14-day quarantine for Brits will most likely be extended. Read the full story.

Madeira’s on the map

The gorgeous Portuguese island of Madeira will be reopening from 1 July. Most local businesses have adopted the “Clean & Safe” stamp created by VisitPortual, so you know you’ll be in safe hands.

    26.06 – UK to relax international quarantine

  • TUI has cancelled all Florida holidays for at least five months.
  • A trade group of major US airlines has pledged to refund passengers who fail temperature tests.
  • EU talks continue to decide which outside travellers will be able to enter the bloc from 1 July, and which will not.

Italy announces new hygiene protocols

Italy is the latest country to publish new guidelines and protocols to reassure travellers in the wake of coronavirus. New hygiene and social-distancing measures are outlined for every aspect of the travel experience. Read the new guidelines.

A way to Norway

Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg has confirmed that the nation will be reopening to European countries from 15 July, so long as they meet strict safety criteria. Read the full story.

UK to relax international quarantine

Environment Secretary George Eustice has confirmed that the UK is working on a plan to replace its strict blanket quarantine. New rules would allow international travellers to enter from low-risk countries, though others would remain barred. Read the full story.

    25.06 – UK citizens eager for domestic travel

  • Saudi Arabia has launched a new campaign to encourage domestic tourism.
  • The reopening of Disney’s California park has been delayed by a spike in coronavirus across the state.

England holiday bookings surge

The UK public is gearing up for a very British holiday from 4 July. Holiday cottages have reporting record bookings after Boris Johnson’s latest announcement. Read the full story.

US states to protect their borders against domestic travel

New Jersey, New York and Connecticut have introduced new rules requiring people arriving from certain states with high coronavirus case figures to quarantine for a 14-day period. Read the full story.

    24.06 – Air bridges back on the cards for the UK

  • While airlines the world over have suffered as a result of coronavirus, Iceland appears to be getting a new one.
  • Thailand will let some foreign travellers into the country from next week, including those with work permits and business executives. Tourists will be welcomed back from August.

UK in talks over EU air bridges

Air bridges with “core” EU countries could allow Brits to holiday abroad this summer, without facing the current 14-day quarantine on their return. Ministers are considering air bridges with nations including Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Austria and Germany. Read the full story.

EU considers blocking US travellers

As most EU states prepare to reopen their borders to international travellers from outside the region in July, reports suggest that US visitors – as well as Russian and Brazilian tourists – could be excluded, given their high case numbers. Read the full story.

The Maldives confirm reopening for 15 July

The Maldives has confirmed it will reopen to international tourists from 15 July, with no travel restrictions in place. Free 30-day visas will be issued on arrival, while only those displaying coronavirus symptoms will be required to take a test. Read the full story.

Bula Bubble for Fiji

While Australia and New Zealand have already confirmed they’ll be creating a Trans-Tasman bubble in the post-Covid world, Fiji has announced plans to create a “Bula Bubble” between itself, New Zealand and Australia. Read the full story.

    23.06 – UK begins road to recovery

  • Disneyland Tokyo will open from 1 July and Disneyland Paris from 15 July.
  • Trump has signed an order temporarily banning new immigrants arriving in the US on a host of employment-based visas.

Saudi Arabia blocks hajj pilgrims

Yesterday, Saudi Arabia announced that it wouldn’t be permitting international visitors to make the pilgrimage this year in light of coronavirus. Instead, a quota of Saudi citizens and residents will be allowed to make the journey. Read the full story.

UK begins road to recovery

In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that pubs, restaurants, museums, galleries and cinemas will be allowed to reopen from 4 July, in the latest easing of lockdown measures. The 2-metre rule will also be downgraded to a “1-metre-plus” approach. Shielding rules for the most vulnerable will be relaxed from 6 July. Read the full story.

    22.06 – Spain reopens – including to Brits

  • In response to its first new coronavirus cases in weeks, New Zealand’s Prime Minister announced today that the country would be extending its ban on cruise ships and tightening its border controls.
  • Dubai will be welcoming international visitors back from 7 July.
  • On Friday, Turkish Airlines resumed flights to the USA.

Spain lifts state of emergency as visitors return

Spain opened its borders and lifted its state of emergency on Sunday – three months after introducing the measures in response to coronavirus. Spain’s foreign affairs minister confirmed that British citizens will be among those welcomed back, “out of respect” for those with second homes in the Mediterranean country. Spain has also launched a new publicity campaign in an attempt to bring the punters back, called Spain for Sure. Read the full story.

Egypt set to slowly reopen to tourists

Egypt has begun gradually restarting its tourist industry, despite daily new coronavirus infections still topping the thousand mark. The tourism sector is a big moneymaker in Egypt, contributing around fifteen percent of the country’s GDP. Read the full story.

Irish quarantine to last into July

Ireland’s 14-day quarantine is likely to last until 9 July, acting Prime Minister Leo Varadkar confirmed on Friday. Read the full story.

    19.06 – Puerto Rico to open from 15 July

  • Emirates resumes flights from Singapore to Dubai.
  • Japan’s target of 40 million visitors by the end of 2020 looks like it will be way out; current predictions suggest it could see just 5 million tourists. The country has, however, completely reopened to domestic travel.

Pack your bags for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico – already open for domestic travel – is set to welcome international visitors back from 15 July. Hotels will be able to operate at fifty percent capacity, while attractions and tour operators should also be in full swing by that date. Read the full story.

Denmark to open to most European nations in late June

Denmark is set to lift its coronavirus border restrictions for the majority of the Schengen zone – provided countries have low Covid infection rates – from 27 June. Non-EU countries in the area will be assessed on a case-by-case basis; Brits will be welcomed back, though Portugal and Sweden will face exclusion. Read the full story.

Taiwanese airport opens for pretend holidays

For anyone in Taiwan missing the airport experience, Songshan Airport has opened with a new bookable experience. Included in the 90-minute experience (ordeal?) is an airport tour, mock immigration and change to board and disembark an aircraft.

    18.06 – French pressure to rethink UK quarantine

  • From Tuesday next week, UAE citizens will be allowed to travel to low-risk countries – but must quarantine for up to 14 days on their return.
  • Rwanda has reopened its tourist attractions, including its wildlife parks, to visitors arriving on flights who have tested negative for Covid-19.
  • The Mexican government is aiming to woo travellers back with a 2 for 1 live offer on hotel stays on its Caribbean coast. The website is still in the making, but offers can be accessed here.

France to urge a UK quarantine rethink

Macron, the French president, is expected to ask the UK to rethink its stringent 14-day quarantine on all new arrivals. There’s currently a reciprocal “voluntary quarantine” request for all British visitors arriving in France. Read the full story.

Spain announces tourism aid plan

The Spanish government has pledged €4.25 billion in aid to its tourist industry. The sector – which contributes around ten percent of Spain’s GDP – has been devastated by coronavirus. Read the full story.

Qantas cancels most international flights until October

Australian flag carrier Qantas has revealed it will be axing international flights until October, though flights to New Zealand could still go ahead. The news comes on the back of Australia announcing its borders would be closed for the rest of the year. Read the full story.

Australia likely to stay shut to international travellers until 2021

Reports suggest that Australia – which has largely handled the coronavirus pandemic well – could keep its borders closed to international travel for the rest of the year. In the meantime, it would relax travel for students and other long-term visitors. Read the full story.

USA extends non-essential travel ban with Canada and Mexico

US restrictions on non-essential travel at the Canadian and Mexican borders – due to expire on 23 June – have been extended by the Trump administration, possibly for a further thirty days. Likewise, Mexico confirmed it will be extending its reciprocal restrictions into July. Read the full story.

European air travel increases

EU air traffic is still steadily increasing, with 15 June being the busiest day since mid-March. Levels are still way below 2019 equivalents, but it’s hopeful nevertheless.

Spain considers quarantine for UK visitors

Spain is due to reopen its borders to the EU next week, but UK citizens could be excluded from the party – instead, subject to a 14-day quarantine. The potential move is seen as a response to the introduction of a 14-day quarantine to all new arrivals in the UK, active since 8 June. Read the full story.

Joie de vivre: Parisian restaurants reopen

On Monday, restaurants in the French capital reopened their doors fully – to a cautious crowd. With tourists notably absent and most Parisians still playing things safe, many are still not operating at full capacity.

    15.06 – EU reopens most internal borders

  • Portugal’s relaxing of restrictions causes new spike in coronavirus cases.
  • Bermuda is gearing up to welcome visitors back on 1 July, provided they arrive with a negative Covid-19 test certificate.
  • Tunisia could be the first North African country to reopen to tourists as it nears zero cases.
  • Delta Airlines is allowed to resume flights to China from 18 June.
  • Cambodia will charge inbound travellers a $3000 deposit to cover virus prevention during their stay.
  • Egypt is looking to welcome back international visitors to three of its coastal provinces on 1 July.

Welcoming EU back

Internal EU borders are operating largely restriction-free from today (15 June). A growing list of countries is set to begin lifting their border restrictions – including France, the latest EU nation to announce its reopening (at the end of last week). There are still some individual caveats in place, which vary from country to country, but many exclude people entering from high-risk European nations without a quarantine period – that mostly applies to the UK. The next phase of reopening with see much of the EU easing external border controls from 1 July. Read the full story.

Spain fast tracks its EU reopening

Spain is accelerating its reopening plans: the Mediterranean country is now intending to drop its border restrictions with Schengen-zone countries on 21 June, ten days earlier than planned. The border with Portugal, however, will remain closed until 1 July (at Lisbon’s request). Read the full story.

New US guidelines advise travel caution

Over in the USA, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released new coronavirus guidelines emphasizing that the public should remain cautious on public transport and think twice before making any travel plans. Read the full story.

Optimism for EU air traffic

European air traffic is continuing to pick up apace, and could be back at 85% of its usual capacity by mid-July.

    12.06 – Maldives to reopen from July – with zero travel restrictions

  • Air France is accelerating its return to business as usual, having announced that it will serve eighty percent of its network over the summer period.
  • Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong are set to relax coronavirus rules for business travellers from select countries with low corona case numbers.
  • Airline behemoths British Airways, EasyJet and Ryanair have launched their legal action against the UK government’s new 14-day quarantine.
  • Air Canada urges the country’s government to relax its travel restrictions.
  • Disney Cruise Line has scrapped is 2020 Europe and Alaska cruise seasons.

Living the Thai life

Thailand is set to lift its nationwide curfew next week, and will continue relaxing its coronavirus restrictions. The country confirmed its reopening plans for international travel will be based on so-called “travel bubbles”, but with no firm date given for kick-off. Read the full story.

Cuba’s considered reopening plan

Cuba has released cautious plans for its reopening. International visitors will be restricted to the beach resorts at first, with Havana off-limits for the first wave of travellers. Domestic travel with resume first, with more details to be released shortly. Read the full story.

Mad for the Maldives

As of July, the Maldives will be reopening to all visitors – with no extra border controls or coronavirus restrictions in place. The island group has had its borders closed since March.

    11.06 – Sweden last to the Finnish line

  • Singapore Airlines has expanded its flight schedule, as well as allowing transit passengers from Australia and New Zealand.
  • Anaheim’s Disneyland Park slated to begin reopening on 17 July.
  • United Airlines passengers will now be required to complete a medical self-assessment at check-in.
  • Reports suggest that Russian citizens are travelling to Belarus as a means to dodge border restrictions and reach further-flung destinations.
  • IMEX Las Vegas, due to take place in September, has been cancelled.
  • Domestic travel resumes in Indonesia, despite coronavirus cases continuing to rise.
  • Estonia has introduced a digital nomad visa – allowing remote workers to emigrate.
  • The White House is hoping to introduce an airline contact-tracing plan from 1 September.

Sweden last to the Finnish line

From 15 June, Finland will be lifting all its travel restrictions to Norway, Denmark and Iceland, as well as the three Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Sweden – which has pursued a controversial “herd-immunity” response to the virus – is noticeably absent from the list. Read the full story.

European Commission urges countries to drop internal border restrictions

The European Commission has called on EU countries to remove their internal border restrictions on 15 June. While many nations have already started removing border controls or plan to do so on that date, others have not yet made the move. The external travel ban is likely to be lifted gradually from 1 July. Read the full story.

Germany warns its citizens against UK travel

While Germany is lifting its travel restrictions to a raft of EU countries in the coming weeks, it has urged its citizens to avoid non-essential travel to the UK and other nations outside the EU until at least the end of the August. Read the full story.

New IATA map to track restrictions

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has launched a free an interactive online map when travellers can track restrictions around the world. To keep up with the fast-changing developments, the map is being updated more than two hundred times a day. See the map.

Spain to welcome back German tourists – but not Brits

Spain has confirmed it will be welcoming back some eleven thousand German visitors to the Balearic Islands – two weeks before reopening its borders officially. However, there won't be a Spanish summer on the horizon for Brits, after the British embassy in Madrid said there were no plans to create a travel corridor with the UK. Read the full story.

Malaysia opens up to domestic travel

Domestic travel has rebooted in Malaysia, where interstate borders, shopping malls and hair salons have reopened. International borders remain closed. Read the full story.

UK wildlife attractions to reopen

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce that zoos, safari parks and drive-in cinemas will reopen in England from 15 June. Social-distancing rules will remain in place. Read the full story.

    09.06 – New Zealand goes restriction-free

  • Hong Kong’s Ocean Park and Disneyland to open imminently.
  • Malta is the latest country to announce it will be providing its citizens with hotel and restaurant vouchers to stimulate the tourist industry.

Brits plan to stay home

The results of a YouGov poll, commissioned by Sky News, have suggested that only 16 percent of Brits plan on travelling this year. While 68 percent said they didn’t intend on travelling at all in 2020, the remaining 16 percent said they were unsure. Read the full story.

Russia reopening

Russia has partially reopened its borders, allowing citizens to travel abroad to work, study or care for elderly or sick relatives. The Prime Minister has also announced that some lockdown restrictions across the country will be eased. In the capital, Muscovites can now go for walks whenever they want, while restaurants and cafés will be able to open their outdoors terraces from 16 June. Read the full story.

Yes you Cancun

Over in Mexico, the big-hitting beach resorts of Quintana Roo – think: Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, among others – have reopened their doors and sands. Though there are strict quotas and a “Mexican Caribbean Clean & Safe Check Certification” in place to protect the safety of customers, visitors can now frequent the hotels, resorts and other attractions. Read the full story.

Hats off, New Zealand

New Zealand has lifted the last of its lockdown restrictions, with handshakes and hugs allowed again. Strict border controls remain. Read the full story.

    08.06 – Travel for EU

  • Airlines operating in the UK – including EasyJet, British Airways and Ryanair – could sue the government in a bid to overturn the 14-day quarantine that came into effect today. Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has said the company is still selling flights from the UK, and expects British citizens will ignore the quarantine.
  • In the US, Yosemite National Park has opened up to daytrippers.
  • Foreign carriers to resume once-a-week international flights in China. The US responded by putting a pin in its plans to block all flights operated by mainland Chinese airlines.
  • Poland and the Baltics (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) are due to reopen to each other this week.
  • Hotels, shopping malls, restaurants and places of worship have opened in India.
  • Irish hotels will open on 29 June, though international tourism is still discouraged.

EU travel back for July

The EU has committed to lifting border controls within the region by the end of June, though most EU nations are already set to remove internal border controls on 15 June. The group’s ban on non-essential foreign travel has been extended until 1 July, meanwhile; UK travellers are exempt, but are required to quarantine for two weeks on arrival by some governments on the continent. Read the full story.

Sri Lanka to open in August – with stringent testing

Officials have announced that Sri Lanka can reopen to tourism from August, but with strict new regulations in place. Visitors will have to test negative in multiple coronavirus tests: one taken 72-hours before departure and another at the airport on arrival, while a third test will be required if the party is staying for more than ten days. Read the full story.

Virtual celebrations for World Oceans Day

Today is World Oceans Day, marking the importance of our oceans and seas – home to an array of colourful inhabitants, and vital for keeping our planet healthy. This year’s theme is “innovation for a sustainable ocean”: show your support by adopting a coral in Tahiti, sign the petition calling on governments to protect thirty percent of our blue planet by 2030, or take part in some of the excellent virtual events on offer.

Belgian beer is back

From today, beer will be back on the menu in Belgian bars. Up to three friends can now head out to enjoy a brew, as the government moves into its next phase of easing lockdown. The Belgian government is also planning to distribute free rail tickets to its residents in a bid to stimulate domestic travel.

    05.06 – Swiss bliss?

  • Virgin Atlantic has announced it will resume passenger flights from the UK on 20 July.
  • On Thursday, a Spanish government minister confirmed that the country would be reopening its land borders with France and Portugal on 22 June, only for the statement to be downplayed.
  • The Italian Prime Minister has criticized its Austrian and Greek neighbours for keeping their borders with Italy shut, branding the move “discriminatory” and “totally unacceptable”.
  • Sweden to ease domestic travel restrictions from 13 June.
  • Canberra Airport in Australia has started a register for those keen to fly to New Zealand from 1 July.
  • Las Vegas’ casinos have reopened after months of closure.

Switzerland looks to lift travel restrictions on EU and UK

Switzerland could welcome visitors back from within the EU and UK from 15 June. The government had already stated that it will be reopening to Germany, Austria and France from that date, but this would greatly expand its list. Read the full story.

Japan welcomes business travellers

From this summer, it looks like Japan will be welcoming business travellers back from New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and Vietnam. The move – which has been hinted at for weeks – will allow business travellers to bypass the 14-day quarantine, provided they provide a negative test result. Read the full story.

World Travel Market will go ahead

World Travel Market organizers have confirmed that the event, scheduled for 2–4 November in London, will go ahead as planned. The ExCeL venue was turned into a hospital (NHS Nightingale) in April to treat Covid-19 patients, but is currently on “standby”. Read the full story.

On your bike

National Bike Week is set to kick off tomorrow (6–14 June). The coronavirus pandemic has seen cycling spike in popularity, while cities around the world are using the opportunity to become more bike-friendly. Make the most of National Bike Week by taking off on your own two wheels, with a range of fabulous routes to explore, including some green routes in spitting distance of London.

    04.06 – Italian borders reopen

  • Business travel is set to resume between Singapore and China on 8 June – with mandatory testing.
  • Greece has quarantined all passengers on a flight from Qatar after 12 tested positive for Covid-19.
  • Hotel occupancy in the US has risen for the seventh consecutive week.
  • Turkey has announced it will be gradually reintroducing flights to forty countries this month, including to Greece, Germany and Qatar, with more to follow.

Italy removes border restrictions

In the final phase of relaxing its lockdown, Italy’s regional and international borders have now been reopened. Without a quarantine period in place, people can now visit the country freely, though there are question marks over whether visitors will feel confident going back any time soon. Read the full story.

UK quarantine chaos

Ryanair has been the latest travel company to criticize the UK’s 14-day quarantine plan, due to come into effect on 8 June, calling it “useless and ineffective”. Spain, meanwhile, is keen to welcome British travellers back when it reopens its borders on 1 July, but has warned this will depend on the UK’s quarantine plans. Read the full story.

Caribbean island nations to reopen to international tourists

Several Caribbean nations are set to bring back international travellers in the coming weeks: St Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda and the U.S. Virgin Islands are all due to reopen this week; Jamaica and Aruba later this month; while the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic are looking to welcome tourists back to their shores in July. Health screenings, temperature checks and facemasks will be commonplace, but with US visitors among the first welcomed back – where case rates are the highest in the world – the risks are significant. These island nations are heavily dependent on tourism, and US visitors account for around fifty percent of the trade. Read the full story.

Austria welcomes back its neighbours – except Italy

In a fast tracking of its reopening plans, Austria has lifted travel restrictions for all of its geographical neighbours, with the exception of Italy. All corona-related border and health checks will be lifted for Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Read the full story.

Maastrict residents served by robots

Over in the Maastrict in the Netherlands, meanwhile, where lockdown was eased this week, residents in one restaurant returned to find their drinks delivered by robots. At Dadawan, an Asian-fusion restaurant in the southern city, the robots were drafted in as a welcome hygiene measure.

    03.06 – Possibility of a UK–Portugal “air bridge” for summer

  • Hotels in India will begin a phased reopening on 8 June.
  • Thailand is planning to introduce “travel bubbles” when it reopens to international travel (though that won’t be before July). The country also announced it will be giving domestic travel vouchers to its citizens on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • EasyJet has announced that it expects to have reinstated three quarters of its routes by August.

Discussions underway for a UK–Portugal “air bridge”

The Portuguese foreign minister, Augusto Santos Silva, has confirmed that talks – exploring the possibility of an “air bridge” between the UK and Portugal to be agreed by the end of June – are ongoing. Businesses have been highly critical of the UK’s plans to introduce a 14-day quarantine on all new arrivals from 8 June, and there’s been increased speculation that Johnson’s government is looking to soften their plans. Read the full story.

Czech announces travel plans

The Czech government has laid out its new system for travel. From 15 June, European countries will be organized into low-, medium- and high-risk categories. Czechs will be able to travel freely to and from low-risk countries without restrictions; to medium-risk countries without restrictions, though new arrivals from these nations will have to provide they are not infected. If travelling to high-risk countries, Czechs will have to test negative for Covid-19 before re-entering the country. Low-risk countries include Germany, Poland and Austria, and medium-risk Italy, Spain, France and Ireland. There are only two nations deemed high risk: the UK and Sweden. Read the full story.

EU easing

Germany has lifted its blanket European travel ban, as lockdown restrictions continue to ease in Germany, France and Italy. From 15 June, citizens from EU states – as well as Britain, Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein – will be allowed to travel to Germany, provided there are no significant lockdowns or travel restrictions in origin countries. In France, meanwhile, café culture has returned to the streets, though coffees must be sipped one-metre apart.

    02.06 – Spanish beaches are back

  • Hong Kong has announced it will be extending its restrictions on foreign visitors for a further three months.
  • Singapore is looking to open “green lanes” for travel between itself and Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Malaysia.
  • Greece’s hotels reopened yesterday, though – with international travel restrictions in place until the middle of the month – businesses remained fairly quiet.
  • Florida Keys has reopened to visitors.
  • Tunisia is set to open its borders on 27 June.

Spain open for locals

As of yesterday, beaches and museums and now open again in Spain. Locals – clearly glad to be out again – flocked back, ahead of the country’s plans to bring visitors back in July. Barcelona’s beaches remain shut, as they are deemed higher risk. Read the full story.

Turkish delight

This week sees lockdown ease in Turkey, with domestic flights and car travel reinstated across the country. Restaurants and cafés were also reopened, as well as Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. Read the full story.

200+ companies rally against UK quarantine plan

More than 200 UK travel companies have called on the British government to cancel its 14-day quarantine on all new arrivals, due to come into effect on 8 June. However, it appears the government could be looking into ways to relax the measures, including replacing the blanket quarantine with “air bridges”. Read the full story.

Disney makes changes ahead of July reopening

Following news that Disney will be restarting its operations in phases from 11 July, Walt Disney World has announced it will be cancelling dining reservations and pausing new hotel bookings as part of a revamp to make the parks safer in light of Covid-19. Other changes could include requirements to wear face masks and temperature checks. Read the full story.

    01.06 – Wizz Air expands

  • Malta has announced it will reopen its airport and ports on 1 July.
  • South Africa has started a phased tourism reopening today, beginning with domestic travel.
  • Singapore and China are looking to open an essential travel corridor.
  • Egypt’s hotels, which have been allowed to open with a 25% occupancy rate, have almost reached capacity.
  • The Icelandic government will be providing its adult citizens with a domestic travel voucher worth around £30 in a bid to stimulate the industry.
  • Several of Italy’s most iconic sites are reopening this week after months of closure, including the Tower of Pisa, Vatican Museums and Florence’s Uffizi Gallery.
  • From 5 June, all inbound air passengers to Alaska will be allowed to take a test within 72 hours of taking their flight instead of undergoing the current 14-day quarantine.
  • Large cruise ships have been banned in Canada until at least Halloween (31 October) this year.
  • Norway is set to welcome back Nordic business travellers – including those from Sweden – as of today.

New flights for Wizz Air

Wizz Air is taking the opportunity to expand in Western Europe, opening a base in Italy and introducing new flights between the UK and Spain. The budget carrier is looking to benefit when demand bounces back. Read the full story.

Greece to reopen to 29 nations

Greece has expanded its list of countries from which visitors will be allowed to enter from 15 June. The 29 nations include Germany, Norway and China, but still exclude the UK, Spain and Italy. Read the full story.

Japan considers tentative reopening plans

Japan is considering allowing corporate visitors to enter the country again, provided they test negative in two separate coronavirus tests. Meanwhile, as schools, cinemas and departments stores open in Tokyo, reports indicate that Japan could open its borders to select “low-risk” countries in the coming months, including to Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam. Read the full story.

Hello Maldives

The Maldives will be reopening to visitors from 1 July, but travellers can expect some tight new rules and regulations in place for their visit. All trips must be at least two weeks in duration, travel insurance will be compulsory, and travellers will be subject to a Covid-19 test before departure and a further test on arrival. Read the full story.

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