At any one time, somewhere, there is a Rough Guides author on the road, crossing a country on a rickety bus, scribbling notes on the back of a receipt, or propping up a bar in a one-horse town. All in the name of making sure that the dogeared Rough Guide slotted in your backpack is as reliable, up to date and honest as ever.

We've been publishing guidebooks for 35 years now, from the Andes to Ethiopia, and in this week's podcast episode (iTunesSoundcloud) we celebrate our Rough Guides authors based all around the world.

First up, we speak with Harriet Constable. Harri is our correspondent in Nairobi and worked on The Rough Guide to Kenya. She tells us about a car park in the centre of the city where people descend every Sunday to go rollerblading.

We also hear from Shafik Meghji, who is just back from updating The Rough Guide to Bolivia (out in February 2018). Shafik visits a lost civilization in the depths of the Bolivian Amazon, and makes a haunting discovery among the broken pottery pieces found on the site.

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