Each year, Survival International – a charity that lobbies for the rights of indigenous peoples – collate the best of their supporters' pictures into an annual calendar. Celebrating the diversity and beauty of tribal peoples around the world, it supports their mission to help them defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their futures.

From the mountains of Bhutan to the waters of the Amazon, here are the 12 stunning pictures that make up the 2017 calendar.

The K'iche Maya, Guatemala

K'iche Maya tribe, Guatemala© Robert Studzinski

The Yanomami, Brazil

2 February-Yanomami-Brazil-2011-©-Luigi-Repetto© Luigi Repetto

The Dong, China

Dong, China© Ignacio Álvarez Neches

The Tucano, Brazil

Mathias Spaliviero©Mathias Spaliviero

The Dani, West Papua

Dani man, West Papua© Magda Zelewska

The Asurini, Brazil

Muravi Asurini, Brazil © Alice Kohler© Alice Kohler

The Afar, Ethiopia

The Afar people, Ethiopia© Paolo Ronc

The Suri tribe, Ethiopia

The Suri tribe, Ethiopia, Africa© Giordano Cipriani

The Brokpa, Bhutan

The Brokpa packing a yak, Bhutan© Tessa Bunney

The H’Mong, Vietnam

H’Mong, Vietnam, 2015 © Nguyen Van Long© Nguyen Van Long

The Bushmen, Botswana

The Bushmen, Botswana, Africa© Forest Woodward

The Nenets, Siberia

The Nenets, Siberia, Russia© Simon Morris

All images from Survival International’s 2017 "We, The People" Calendar available from www.survivalinternational.org/shop.