With a civilisation spanning over 5000 years and a land area of 9,600,000 square kilometres, China certainly packs a punch. From the sweeping vistas of Mount Sanqingshan National Park to the sprawling cities of Beijing and Shanghai, it makes for an unforgettable eastern experience. Why not begin your oriental odyssey by checking out these fun facts about China.

BuddhismSource: historyforkids.org

CavesA basic one-bedroom cave without plumbing costs about US $30 a month. Source: nydailynews.com 

China 1 in 5Source: facts.randomhistory.com 

China populationSource: roughguides.com 

Chinese New YearSource: cultural-china.com 

ChopsticksSource: scmp.com 

FacebookSource: indexoncensorship.org

Fortune CookiesSource: americanenterprise.si.edu

Great wallDuring the Qin Dynasty (221-207BC), glutinous rice flour was used to bind the bricks. Source:chinatravellers.com

HousingSource: eiu.com

KetchupSource: telegraph.co.uk 

MallSource: cnn.com

NoodlesSource: businessinsider.com

Number 8Source: popculture.knoji.com

OlympicsSource: facts.randomhistory.com

Paper moneySource: time.com

Pigs in ChinaSource: earth-policy.org 

RailwaysSource: businessinsider.com 

ReincarnationSource: humansarefree.com

Chinese Sunrise, China Time Zones, China SunChairman Mao joined the five time zones for ‘national unity’.  Source: theatlantic.com 

Table tennisSource: bbc.co.uk

terracotta armySource: history.com

YangtzeSource: primaryfacts.com

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