Restaurants often go to great efforts to translate their menus for English speakers. But sometimes their best intentions, well, just don't quite go to plan. Detonation eggplant, curried grab and crap sticks sound delicious? That's just the start of it. We've rounded up some of the funniest menu fails from around the world below.

1. We had to try bad pepper fried beef while researching the Rough Guide to Laos

Funny menus laosImage courtesy of Ed Aves

2. This seems unlikely to "make people taste happiness"

funny menuphoto credit: funny chinglish menu via photopin (license)

3. The ginger water's in trouble

Funny menuphoto credit: Very Special Ginger Ale via photopin (license)

4. Anyone for a curried grab?

Menu fail crabphoto credit: IMG_4176 via photopin (license)

5. We can only hope this restaurant isn't advocating cannibalism

Funny menus canibalphoto credit: Chinglish 1 via photopin (license)

6. It's all about creating the slobber

Funny menus slobberphoto credit: chengdu via photopin (license)

7. There's nothing more appetising than a fried crap stick

Funny menus crabphoto credit: Local Thai Restaurant via photopin (license)

8. Sometimes prawns are just blown out of all proportion in Vietnam

Menu fail prawnphoto credit: being blown out of proportion via photopin (license)

9. This duck got more than it bargained for

Menu failphoto credit: Cowboy Bone, or Button up the Duck via photopin (license)

10. These casseroles would leave a lasting impression

3848760221_94289defd3_bphoto credit: 2009_07_25_DSC06260 Pieces Body of Cuttlefish t1.5 via photopin (license)

11. Well, it probably does

Menu fail cucmber photo credit: Restaurant Translations via photopin (license)

12. Why burns the sheep hoof?

5612522090_d34fe2c9f4_bphoto credit: a fair question via photopin (license)

13. There are just too many delicious options on offer here

Funny menu translationphoto credit: Forest Frog's Ovidcut braises Sydney via photopin (license)

14. Boil broken or not, it could still be a bit chewy

Funny menuphoto credit: Interesting Thai Menu Choices via photopin (license)

15. We'll pass thanks

Funny menus bellyphoto credit: Explode the belly via photopin (license)

16. Could we have an order of the wild virus, please?

funny menuphoto credit: wild virus ngau liu lobster pieces via photopin (license)

17. Don't worry, this vinegar is crudely benign

Funny menus vinegarphoto credit: Crudely benign fruit vinegar via photopin (license)

18. Unimaginably good?

Funny menus porkphoto credit: Grilled Unimaginable via photopin (license)

19. Tapas here comes with a side of debauchery

Funny menus debauchphoto credit: 2011_06_240126 via photopin (license)

20. Soup maker in cattle? Nope, not a clue

Funny menus spellingphoto credit: the menus are puzzling via photopin (license)