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Around Copiapó

The region around Copiapó features some of the most striking and varied landscapes in Chile. To the east, the Río Copiapó Valley offers the extraordinary spectacle of emerald-green vines growing in desert-dry hills, while high up in the Andes, you’ll ascend a world of salt flats, volcanoes and lakes, encompassed by the Parque Nacional Nevado de Tres Cruces, the Volcán Ojos del Salado and the blue-green Laguna Verde. To the west, Bahía Inglesa, near the port of Caldera, could be a little chunk of the Mediterranean, with its pristine sands and odd-shaped rocks rising out of the sea. Further south, reached only in a 4WD, the coast is lined with wild, deserted beaches lapped by turquoise waters.