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Reserva Provincial Las Vicuñas and around

The RESERVA PROVINCIAL LAS VICUÑAS is nearly 150km northwest of Villa Unión, via the RN-76 and then a numberless track that twists and turns to the park’s central feature, the wild and shallow Laguna Brava. The main attractions are fabulous altiplanic scenery – most of the terrain is at over 4000m – the magnificent, strikingly coloured mountainous backdrops and the abundant wildlife, mainly vicuñas, as the name suggests. Large flocks of this smaller cousin of the llama graze on the reserve’s bofedales, the typical spongy marshes watered by trickles of run-off that freeze nightly. The best time to visit is in spring and autumn, since summer storms and winter blizzards cut off roads and generally impede travel.