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Los Angeles

The rambling metropolis of LOS ANGELES sprawls across the thousand square miles of its great desert basin, knitted together by an intricate network of freeways between the Pacific Ocean and snowcapped mountains. Its colourful melange of shopping malls, palm trees and swimming pools is both surreal and familiar, thanks to the potent celluloid self-image it has spread all over the world.

Los Angeles is thrilling and threatening in equal proportions – abundant with places to visit that pick you up and sweep you along whether you like it or not. While it has its fine-art museums, unexpected swaths of parkland and quintessential fun-in-the-sun beach life, what people really come here for is to experience the fantasy worlds of Disneyland and Hollywood, as well as the gilded opulence of Beverly Hills and Malibu. And as you might expect, if you want to experience as much as possible, you’ll need a set of wheels.

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