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In downtown Columbia, the best place to stay is right on the historic Main Street in the balconied City Hotel (t 1-800/532-1479, w; $131–160); in Sonora, the well-placed Gunn House Hotel (t 209/532-3421, w; $61–80) is right in town at 286 S Washington St; motels on Hwy-49 between Sonora and Jamestown include the good-value Miner’s Motel (t 209/532-7850 or t 1-800/451-4176; $61–80). Jamestown’s Main Street is lined by old Gold Rush hotels such as the fantastic Jamestown Hotel at no. 18153 (t 209/984-3902 or t 1-800/205-4901, w; $81–100), which boasts an impressive restaurant while being close to other good options, including Morelia Mexican (t 209/984-1432), across the street at no. 18148. Sonora has a wide variety of places to eat or drink along Washington Street, such as the Diamondback Grill at no. 110 (t 209/532-6661), which has tapas and Mediterranean dishes. Among the bars, the retro Iron Horse Lounge at no. 97 (t 209/532-4482) maintains a Wild West saloon image.

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