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There is no road access to Cordova; daily flights from Anchorage and Juneau land at the airport twelve miles down the Copper River Highway, to be met by a shuttle ($12). Near-daily ferries from Valdez and Whittier dock a mile north of town. For information, contact the Chamber of Commerce at 404 First St (Mon–Fri 9am–5pm; t 907/424-7260, w Cordova has no hostel and the only tent camping close to town is at the scruffy Odiak Campground and RV Park on Whitshed Road, half a mile south of town (t 907/424-6200; $20), so you might want to rent a car and camp out along the Copper River Delta. The cheapest option in town is the basic Alaskan Hotel, 600 First St (t 907/424-3299, [email protected]; shared bath $41–60, private $61–80), though you may prefer the revamped Reluctant Fisherman, 407 Railroad Ave (t 1-877/424-3272, w; $131–160), or the cosy Cordova Lighthouse Inn, Nicholoff Way (t 907/424-7080, w; $131–160), both overlooking the small boat harbour. For food, try the Reluctant Fisherman or the Killer Whale Cafe, 507 First St (t 907/424-7733). Wash it down afterwards with a drink at the Alaskan Hotel’s bar.

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