Mexico // The northwest and Copper Canyon //


North of Sinaloa, Hwy-15 slices into Sonora, the second-largest state in Mexico and the nation’s breadbasket; note that Sonora is one hour behind Sinaloa in the summer (April–Oct). There’s little to stop for on the road, though the handsome colonial town of Álamos is a worthy diversion, and low-key beach resorts at San Carlos, Bahía de Kino and Puerto Peñasco provide some relief from the scorching heat. From the coast it’s a long drive through the desert to the US border at Nogales or the boundary with Baja California at the Colorado River – you’ll also have to put your watch back an hour when you cross this state line, unless Baja California is on Daylight Saving Time (April–Oct), in which case there’s no change.