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Northern Saskatchewan

Prince Albert National Park is about as far north as most casual visitors go, but travel another 150km north to Lac La Ronge Provincial Park or even another 430km further to Clearwater River Provincial Park and you’ll find an even greater wilderness with some of Canada’s premier canoeing routes (see Canoeing in northern Saskatchewan). Both are also a big draw for the hook-and-bullet brigade, but the province’s greatest lure for backcountry enthusiasts of all stripes is the Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Wilderness Park in the extreme northwest corner of the province, by the 60th parallel. As the world’s most northerly (and probably most incongruous) sand dunes they provide a unique getaway for well-heeled wilderness fans: since the area can only be reached by private floatplane, it’s expensive. One outfitter is Athabasca Eco Adventures (t 1 800 922 0957, w, who offers a week in the dunes with flights, food, accommodation and gear for around $3500.

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